Halo 4 is in good hands says ex-developer Bungie

The Halo brand may be in new hands, but they’re good, strong hands – just like a rockbiter’s*. That’s what the former Halo custodians Bungie think anyway, and they’d probably know.

“It’s so crazy in an interesting way,” Bungie boss Alex Seropian told GameSpot. “I’ve been an observer for a while now. So much has gone on with the franchise. I will say the encouraging thing is that I know a lot of the folks at Microsoft working on it and they are great people. I’m very hopeful that the team there is very fantastic.”

“They are certainly treating it with a lot of care and respect. And applying the resources you’d like to see applied to a franchise like that. I’m hopeful that it will continue to bring the high production value and cool experiences it’s known for.”

Bungie has moved on to new, as yet unannounced things, with 343 Industries taking over the Xbox’s flagship franchise with the development of Halo 4. The game is expected to launch this year, and although not much about it has been revealed yet, Bungie’s not worried about about any of that.

“I would be pretty surprised if they wiffed it,” said Seropian. “Maybe it will bring a fresh perspective, and that’s so hard because there’s so many fans that are used to a particular thing that bringing something new is often… it’s hard to bring something new to a franchise that’s so established. I’m looking forward to it.”

Halo 4 - Master Chief and Cortana Concept Art

Halo 4 - Master Chief and Cortana Concept Art

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Source: Gamespot
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Halo 4 is in good hands says ex-developer Bungie

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