SimCity 5 images and details surface

Last week Maxis revealed that it would be announcing a new game at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) which takes place in a few days.

The info came via a tweet from EA’s senior PR Erik Reynolds, who said that more information about the project will be revealed over the next few days on EA’s Game Changers website.

Sim City 5 concept

Sim City 5 concept

The developer did not specify what the game is, but the frontrunner in the rumour race currently is Sim City 5.

Last night scanned images from a German magazine, Gamestar, turned up showing off what appears to be an entire feature dedicated to Sim City 5.

The feature was translated and posted on the NeoGaf forums, and the following details were revealed:

  • The game is due out in 2013;
  • The game is roughly a third way into development;
  • There will be a multiplayer mode;
  • The new graphics engine is called Glassbox;
  • Buildings will be customizable;
  • Residential, commercial and industrial zones remain;
  • Maxis has placed a lot of focus on improving Sim AI;
  • Original Sim City mastermind Will Wright is not involved in Sim City 5.
Sim City 5 concept

Sim City 5 concept

Source: Neogaf
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SimCity 5 images and details surface

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