Movie “noobz” gets first trailer and theatrical date

Wunderkind Pictures announced today a mid 2012 theatrical release window for their comedy “noobz”.

Written and directed by Blake Freeman, and co-written by Marvin Willson, “noobz” tells the story of four friends and their escapades as they journey across America in order to compete in and earn the Cyberbowl video game championship.

The film stars Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob), Blake Freeman (Gawd Bless America), Moises Arias (Ender’s Game), Matt Shively (True Jackson, VP), Zelda Williams, Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers) and Jon Gries (Napoleon Dynamite).

Check out the trailer below to catch all the funniest bits and keep an eye out for the extremely subtle product placement.

If you are keen on the movie, keep tabs on the website: noobz movie website

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  • DCBloodHound

    Doesn’t look very good,rather make a movie about gamers in the future in a virtual world.

  • thetruth

    I know a bunch of guys who are like what these actors are trying to portray- and I can confidently say that they all are losers. Big ass grown men- literally counting the minutes before they can go home to play their stupid tournament games. It’s actually very sad… This film is not stereotyping any obsessive gamer, this is who they are.

Movie “noobz” gets first trailer and theatrical date

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