Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition adds free content, improvements

With its Xbox launch just over a month off, CD Projekt Red has been working hard to make The Witcher 2 the best Witcher 2 it can be.

That includes putting in some explanatory stuff for those people who didn’t play the first game (like me!), making some changes, and adding in some new content just because why not.

“Don’t worry, we added some content to the Enhanced Edition to make new players familiar with both – the game world and the first part of the game,” CD Projekt’s Adam Badowski told GamingNexus.

“We wanted to make the game almost perfect. We listened, and continue to listen, to our community. We learned what annoyed players and proceeded to change it. We’ve added some new gameplay to Chapter 3, which many players thought was simply too short.”

“In the two new quests, players will visit new locations, meet new characters, and see that the story is even more intriguing. Xbox players will receive a new user interface and controls, specifically adapted to the new platform.”

The Enhanced Edition will also be a free update for PC, so let your joy be unconfined, o’ ye gamers of the world.

Both the Xbox version and the PC update are scheduled to drop on 17 April.

Source: GamingNexus


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Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition adds free content, improvements

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