Notch to get BAFTA Special Award for being Notch <3

The British Academy of Film and Television has announced they’ll be giving Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson a BAFTA Special Award at the BAFTA Video Game Awards in London next week, basically just for being, like, totally cool and stuff.

“I’ve always considered the BAFTA Awards to be one of the most prestigious awards one can receive, and I was very happy when it expanded to cover video games in 1998,” said Notch. “When I first heard that I would receive a BAFTA Special Award, I was blown away and deeply humbled. Going to London to accept this award is going to be a very positive and interesting experience that I’m very much looking forward to.”

Ray Maguire, Chair of the BAFTA Video Games Committee, had the following to say: “Markus is an inspiration for all games developers and this Award reflects the determination and innovation that he continues to show to both the developer community and to gamers worldwide. We are thrilled that he will accept this Award and are excited to see what new developments he will introduce to the industry in years to come.”

The show is going down next Friday, and will be hosted by Irish comedian-slash-gamer-slash-Humpty Dumpty Lookalike Regional Finalist Dara O’Brien.

Some of the games up for epic win-trophies include Portal 2, Skyrim, Batman: Arkham City, L.A. Noire, and Bastion.

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Notch to get BAFTA Special Award for being Notch <3

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