PSA: Desktop Dungeons is free this week

It’s the Game Developers Conference this week, and to commemorate the happy occasion, the Desktop Dungeons beta pricetag has been marked down to a bargain-binirific nothing.

It’s not your place to question the ways of the Great Goat, only to accept His benevolence with humility, gratitude, and perhaps a sugared carrot.

“Play the Desktop Dungeons Beta free during GDC! Sign up for an account right here and tell your friends/relatives/parole officers. Then if you love the game (we really hope you do) pre-order and continue from where you left-off without missing a beat,” says the official stuff over on the Desktop Dungeons site.

Desktop Dungeons is a roguelike that, unlike most roguelikes, can be completed in 10-15 minutes, usually with your ignominious death at the hands of a giant meatball. It’s also made by local, Cape Town-based dev QCF Design, so not supporting it is basically treason.

Source: Desktop Dungeons

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PSA: Desktop Dungeons is free this week

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