LulzSec leader arrested, rats out everybody else

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Proving that an “idea” isn’t stronger than, say, the possibility of your family visiting daddy in jail for the next twenty years, LulzSec leader, 28-year old Hector “Sabu” Monsegur has ratted out the rest of his cadre to the FBI as part of a plea bargain.

Or maybe he did it…

… for the lulz.

Anyway, Sabu was reportedly arrested after he got sloppy and logged onto IRC without using a proxy – allowing the Feds to track him down to an apartment in New York. He pleaded guilty to ten counts of criminal hacking activity, but apparently made some kind of deal in exchange for collaborating with the government.

“He didn’t go easy. It was because of his kids,” an agent told Fox News. “He’d do anything for his kids. He didn’t want to go away to prison and leave them. That’s how we got him.”

Sabu has been working with the FBI for eight months now, and five arrests have already been made. As for Anonymous, they’re not quite as impressed.

“#Anonymous is an idea, not a group. There is no leader, there is no head. It will survive, before, during, and after this time,” was the inevitable Twitter response. They seriously need some new rhetoric.

Source: Gizmodo, G4TV
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LulzSec leader arrested, rats out everybody else

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