Xbox LIVE glitch scrubs Gamerscore, Achievements, everything

This is a dramatic re-enactment of the events of the afternoon of Tuesday, 13 March 2012. Remember that show in the 90s, Rescue 911? Like that.

It was around 5pm, and Tarryn van der Byl of Cape Town was at home playing the Mass Effect 3 finale when an achievement popped. Thrilled to have added more precious numbers to her precious gamerscore, she pulled up the Xbox guide to check what the achievement was for when she discovered, to her instant horror, that her gamerscore had been reset to 0 at some point during the afternoon, and was now at only 135.

In shock, she checked the official Xbox LIVE support forum to find that the problem was already widespread, with users all over the world reporting the same issue.

Thanks to the brave efforts of the Xbox LIVE support team, however, she was able to recover her gamerscore by signing out, and choosing the “Download profile” option from the guide popup. She’ll never forget the day she almost lost over 57,000 gamerscore, even though she did lose a bunch of Mass Effect 3 achievements and will have to do them over again, damn it.

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At the moment, it seems some issues remain unresolved – my own gamerscore, for example, is not showing correctly on or in my friends’ lists, and going on the forum feedback, this particular problem is pretty common.

More worryingly, some unlucky users are reporting that even after recovering their gamerscore, entire games have vanished from their game history, along with those achievements. Whether or not that’s going to be fixed is a matter of speculation/desperate hope for now.

In the meantime, the official word from Xbox HQ is to try the following:

  • Please sign out of Xbox LIVE, then sign back in. If your achievements are not restored after this point, please continue to the next step.
  • If that doesn’t resolve your issue, please try earning another achievement. If your achievements are not showing correctly at that point, please wait a couple hours, and then try again.

Downloading my profile again worked for me, though, so give that a go too.

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Xbox LIVE glitch scrubs Gamerscore, Achievements, everything

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