Double Fine Kickstarter fund closes with millions in the bank


The thirty-something days are up, and Double Fine has closed its Kickstarter campaign with over $3.4 million banked – that’s about $3 million more than they’d originally looked to raise.

The heap of cash now funding the studio’s project includes $3,335,265 pledged from 87,138 backers, and an additional $110,000 from other, unidentified “premium backers” not listed on Kickstarter. A chunky $50,000 pledge from boardgame manufacturer Days of Wonder topped the list of donations.

“This is not the end of the whole gaming industry as we know it,” said Double Fine boss Tim Schafer. “There still might be a few games made by publishers after today. If you’ve ever been told you were part of a niche gaming effort, you can now be part of a super niche. Why does a big company get to choose what I watch or play? Well, now they can’t. Thank you to everybody on the team, to the backers, and to Cindy at Kickstarter.”

That’s not bad going for a game nobody really knows anything about.


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Double Fine Kickstarter fund closes with millions in the bank

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