Radeon HD7990 dual GPU card revealed

AMD 6990

It should really come as no surprise that AMD is gearing up to release it dual-GPU monster, the Radeon HD7990.

According to Fudzilla the card is coming next month. Fudzilla has a solid track record of exposing leaked information, so we’re taking this one to the bank. Also, it really just makes sense given AMD’s release strategies in the past.

The HD7990 is codenamed New Zealand, and it will be released shortly after Nvidia brings its GTX 680 to market. The card currently has no firm release date, but AMD will supposedly gauge the performance of the GTX 680 and then launch the dual-GPU card as a “counter-attack”.

Rumour has it that Nvidia has its own dual-GPU Kepler-based card (GTX 680) in the pipeline.

The single GPU HD7970 sells for around R6,700, so we can expect the HD7990 to go for over R10,000, which is totally crazy for a single piece of hardware if you ask me.

Earlier this week the first GTX 680 details surfaced, complete with specs and pictures.

Nvidia’s new flagship card will boast 1,536 shader unites, 2GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 6GHz, and a very high clock speed, apparently.

Early reports suggest that the GTX 680 performs similarly to AMD’s HD7970, winning in some benchmarks and games, and losing in others.

Apparently the HD7990 will be the last card from AMD in the HD7000 range.

Are you the kind of PC gamer that will fork out for these top of the range card? LEt us know what you think in the comments below and on the MyGaming forum.

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Radeon HD7990 dual GPU card revealed

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