MoH Warfighter producer: we’re not picking a fight with CoD

Last year the battle was on between EA’s Battlefield 3 and Activision’s Modern Warfare 3 – and the snide remarks made it out of the coding pits into the press.

The first bit of poo was flung when EA CEO John Riccitiello said he’d like to see Call of Duty “rot from the core”.

Things got a bit more tame (read: boring) after that, but there was still a fair bit of back and forth between the publishers.

However, developer Danger Close, whose new title Medal of Honor: Warfighter is due out on 23 October, has said they’ll be taking the high road this time around; despite Activision’s unannounced Black Ops 2 being expected a couple of weeks after.

Talking in the newest issue of GamesMaster, Warfighter’s executive producer Greg Goodrich said, “I think that because of our genre and the history of our franchise… it’s just a natural thing to want to go out and pick a fight.

“[But] if you look at it, almost none of it came from the development team. EA is a very big organisation, and there are a lot of grown-ups and adults that manage things that our out of our control,” said Goodrich.

“It would be almost disrespectful to come out and be boastful about a storyline that’s putting you in the shoes of these guys. It doesn’t fit. But that’s just from us. I’m sure that comparisons will be made and things will be said, but not from here,” said Goodrich.

Sounds like even though Danger Close will be sitting out, we may get some choice words from publisher EA. Let’s hope so, shall we?

Source: CVG

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MoH Warfighter producer: we’re not picking a fight with CoD

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