WAGE announces Minecraft server, KwikSoft SandBox

KwikSoft and Web Africa‘s gaming division (WAGE) have formally announced a new Minecraft server on the WAGE gaming service.

The server is operated by KwikSoft, with WAGE as the hosting provider. Tim Clarke is owner of the SandBox server, and also a WAGE admin.

Although it has been operational since June 2011, the SandBox was mostly entertaining international players. Clarke wants to encourage more South African Minecraft players to check out the SandBox server, as they have plans to host events for SA players.

“SandBox offers a unique style of Minecrafting for the South African community. While not creative, we consider ourselves to be a primarily free-build server, in which we make most resources freely available in major cities, but still require you to work for rare minerals and supplies,” said Clarke.

“We have 3 public worlds, including one pure survival world for the adventurers out there. We have a friendly staff who are active and helpful, as well as a dedicated group of regular players who are always willing to help out new players. We also have some amazing builders who have built things like the Tower of Babel and the Teardrop; both of which can be visited via the warp room.”

KwikSoft SandBox Minecraft

“We have a basic rank system based on time played as well as skill and friendliness. Once you have proven yourself to be a decent builder you may apply for one of two elite teams: Architects, led primarily by the admins; or Rockets, which is completely run by players,” said Clarke.

“These two team worlds offer Creative mode and the Admins are always willing to offer a little bit of World Editing to help with those epic size creations. There are both PvP and mob siege events held in the arena and a new, even bigger arena is being designed to be put in the latest community project, Enigma City.”

“We have no white-list, nor do you require any special permissions to build. Just head outside the Glowstone border floating above the main cities and you will be able to build. Our Admins are always keeping an eye out for griefing and should you find something damaged, just let us know. Using our in-game currency, you can buy diamonds or other rare materials as well as buy secure plots in Admin cities such as Molitor.”

“If you’re new, look out for cabrahams or 1ntro, or failing that, myself, DJTza,” concluded Clarke.

KwikSoft SandBox Minecraft

Key Features

  • Admin Events – PvP tournaments, castle siege, city defence;
  • Dedicated and admins, support and mods;
  • Player towns – players are welcome to create their own towns and receive warp points when requirements are met;
  • An easy to use warp system to get around the various maps and creations;
  • A dedicated sprite area;
  • Lockette, WorldGuard and HawkEye to protect your belongings and creations;
  • Lots of competitions and community projects;
  • Supply signs, located in three major cities, to get free resources to get you started;
  • iConomy and sign shops.

KwikSoft SandBox server IP Address:

For more info, players can head on over to the following websites.

Website: www.kwiksoft.co.za/sandbox-server-info
Forums: www.kwiksoft.co.za/forums

Are you still sweating away, mining for ore and materials in your Minecraft worlds? Let us know what wonders you’ve uncovered and created on the forums or in the comments below.

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WAGE announces Minecraft server, KwikSoft SandBox

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