SA gamers’ broadband connection of choice

MyGaming recently ran its SA gaming survey to find out more about the habits and trends among South Africa’s gaming community.

With a sample of 1045 responses, we are now getting a much better picture of the high-end SA gaming market.

Of the survey participants, 822 (78.66%) indicated that they played online games.

Another of the questions we asked survey participants was to indicate which type of internet connection they use for gaming and/or gaming related downloads and services.

ADSL connections are a clear favourite among SA’s gaming population. This is likely due to the low latency required to get the most out of online games, something which ADSL can offer.

Another factor in the popularity of ADSL connections for gaming is the relatively inexpensive, large-volume ADSL bandwidth packages that are available. Gamers require many gigabytes of data each month for downloading games through digital distribution channels, as well as keeping their games patched and up to date.

The following table provides an overview of the survey feedback. The results are ordered according to popularity.

Broadband connection Sample %
ADSL 4/10Mbps 38.66%
ADSL 1Mbps 23.35%
ADSL 384kbps 15.79%
8ta 3G/HSPA 5.55%
Vodacom 3G/HSPA 4.69%
Cell C 3G/HSPA 3.73%
MTN 3G/HSPA 2.97%
No Answer 2.01%
iBurst Wireless 1.82%
Other 1.15%
Neotel NeoFlex/NeoConnect 0.29%

It is also interesting to note that of the total sample, 78.66% of the survey participants play online games, while 77.84% were ADSL users. This may indicate that the other types of internet connection used by survey participants aren’t popular for online gaming purposes.

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SA gamers’ broadband connection of choice

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