Bioshock 2 to take on the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield?

Keen observers over at ps3center have noticed that 2K Games, the creators of the mega-hit Bioshock, may be looking to give the sequel’s multiplayer element special attention.

The deduction was made when various job listings began popping up on the 2K Games Boston website. All of the multiple listings are written to specifically target software engineers that are proficient with multiplayer game design.

One of the listings reads “Almost every game has a multiplayer component these days, but only one two or three of them are good enough keep people coming back day after day. If your title isn’t going to be one of them then why bother,”

It goes on to say “The Bioshock team is betting big on multiplayer and plans to stay at the top of the charts.”

The advert acknowledges the fact that Bioshock has no multiplayer, and that the developers are planning on rectifying the situation in the sequel.

“BioShock had no multi-player mode. We don’t believe in throwing in something that can’t go head to head with the big boys. No applicants will be considered who aren’t able to demonstrate they’ve got the skills to build an industry-changing multiplayer design.”

If 2K can create a multiplayer experience that is as special as the single player component of the original Bioshock, then gamers are in for a serious treat later this year.

It is also worth noting that when it comes to PC games, an excellent online multiplayer component is arguably the best solution to piracy.


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Bioshock 2 to take on the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield?