GOG.com to boost catalogue with indie hits

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Remember yesterday when I predicted GOG.com‘s “newer, fresher, bigger” revamp would see the site reinventing itself as a full digital distribution platform like Steam? I was almost a quarter half-right. Call it womanly intuition.

Although (as of almost an hour late, at press time) the site’s relaunch has not yet gone live, Gamespot reports that CD Projekt will be adding indie games to GOG’s catalogue, starting with Trine 2 and The Whispered World, with Machinarium, Darwinia, and more in the pipe.

The site will also be selling mainstream titles, but coming only one to three years after first release.

As usual, GOG’s zero-DRM tolerance policy applies.

“Look at it this way: there are three different groups of gamers on the Internet: people who never pirate, people who always pirate, and people who may or may not pirate, depending on a few different factors. What are those factors?” CD Projekt boss, Marcin Iwinski asked.

“Fifty-two percent of consumers state that DRM actively discourages purchasing. Treat gamers like customers instead of criminals, and you’ll go an even longer way towards showing them that your game is worth buying. This is the impact that DRM-free games can have on piracy, and if we can convince some frustrated pirates to give GOG’s offer a try, even better!”

Source: Gamespot

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GOG.com to boost catalogue with indie hits

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