Unreal Engine 3 used by FBI for serious games

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The Unreal Engine 3 that powers many, many games, including recent hits such as Mass Effect 3 and Gears of War 3 will soon be used by various US government institutions, including the FBI.

Epic games has announced a partnership with game maker Virtual Heroes to license its Unreal Engine to U.S. government agencies and allies within the “Unreal Government Network.”

The engine is currently being used by the FBI academy to develop a multi-player crime scene training simulation.” Medical training is also getting in on the action, with Unreal Engine 3 allowing doctors to practise anaesthesiology without killing someone.

Epic Games and Virtual Heroes have also been awarded $10 million dollars to buy a fleet of black SUVs develop experimental games that help analysts detect cognitive biases in their work.

Here’s hoping some of that funding goes towards improving the Unreal Engine 3 for the really important games such as “Mass Effect 3: Not a crappy ending edition”.

Source: Gamespot

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Unreal Engine 3 used by FBI for serious games

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