Update: SimCity 5 only requires internet connection on launch

Remember earlier this week when we told you that the SimCity reboot would require an always-on internet connection? Okay, so apparently it actually doesn’t quite.

EA has clarified to GameSpy – and, by extension, the world – that the game needs an active internet connection to start up, but that’s it. More importantly, perhaps, the game supports offline play so if the connection is interrupted or broken while you’re playing, you won’t get booted out.

Although the game will reportedly be launching on other, as yet unconfirmed digital distribution platforms, the same article also claims that you’ll need an active EA Origin account to play. I assume that’s something like the otherwise quite unobstrusive Origin layer used in games like Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3, so that’s not a catastrophe.

The game is scheduled to launch next year, so between now and then, it’s always possible the gaming industry will undergo a revolution and bin DRM altogether. Or there could be worldwide nuclear war and none of this will matter anyway. Make a wish.

Source: GameSpy

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SimCity 5 requires always-on internet connection

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Update: SimCity 5 only requires internet connection on launch

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