Double Fine success gives significant boost to other Kickstarter projects


It looks like Double Fine’s very public success on community-funding site Kickstarter has made more people aware of the service, and gaming projects are seeing more funding than ever as a result.

Kickstarter has released some stats on their blog showing how Double Fine’s success has carried over to other projects.

“Before Double Fine, one video game project had exceeded $100,000. Now, nine have,” it reads.

The blog goes on to show that in the six weeks after Double Fine, $2,890,704 has been pledged to games (excluding Double Fine itself). Contrast this with the $1,776,372 donated to games before Double Fine and the effect is obvious, considering Kickstarter has been around for a couple of years.

Furthermore, 60,000 of Double Fine’s backers had never pledged before, and 22% went on to back another project. Most of these were games, but film, video and comic projects got some love as well. This shows that the public awareness  of the Kickstarter service generated by Double Fine’s success has resulted in more ongoing pledgers. As Kickstarter puts it, “Each project is not only promoting itself, but the Kickstarter ecosystem as a whole.”

End products such as Double Fine’s may also help people to be a little less cautious of the service, which basically asks for money to create something which doesn’t yet exist. While often rewards are promised to donators, that is just a promise after all.

Before Double Fine’s success, a lot of people may have suspected a project to be somewhat of a glorified scam, but the more people contribute, the more people in turn feel safe in following suit. Faith in the service and what it’s trying to achieve may help lesser-known projects to get the funding they deserve.

Source: PC Gamer
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Double Fine success gives significant boost to other Kickstarter projects

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