StarCraft II DGL leg 1 round-up

DoGaming League

Leg 1 of the StarCraft II DoGaming League has come to an end, after numerous rounds which showed that experience really does shine through.

Pool A

Rob ‘PandaTank’ Botha was victorious in Pool A as he won all eight of his games throughout the first leg. Kyle ‘HellsHound’ Haward came in second place after just one loss, while Mohamed ‘seeM’ Lorgat took third-place prize.

  1. Rob ‘PandaTank’ Botha
  2. Kyle ‘HellsHound’ Haward
  3. Mohamed ‘seeM’ Lorgat
  4. Ryan ‘CryTT’ Odoherty
  5. Magiel ‘enjoy’ de Lange
  6. Kent ’Bananarama’ Mcintyre
  7. Caleb ‘ReaVeR’ Ridley
  8. Radu-Ionut ’Avaidable’ Constantinescu

Pool B

Pool B’s action concluded with Travis ‘Shase’ Weedon taking the top spot alongside Francois ‘BlooD-Clot’ Malan. Third place was grabbed by Marius ‘Stripe’ van der Merwe.

  1. Travis ‘Shase’ Weedon
  2. Francois ‘BlooD-Clot’ Malan
  3. Marius ‘Stripe’ van der Merwe
  4. Rory ‘DarkBanana’ Mcintyre
  5. Connor ‘Strom’ Scheckle
  6. Ruaan ’Bakchiadai’ Nel
  7. Pieter ’Senshi’ van Nieuwenhuizen
  8. Ryan ’Arachne’ Norden

Champions Cup

The Premier League’s 16 players will now move to the Champions Cup, which plays out in elimination format in a best-of-three competition. This will determine the divisions for the next leg of the tournament. The top 16 players from the First Division will be participating in the Champions Cup in order to claim a place in the Premier Division in Leg 2.

StarCraft II

The following players from the First Division will be heading into the Champions Cup:

  • Dean ‘Nibby’ Loots
  • Flipi ‘Alcardu’ Portman
  • Devon ‘Red’ Hutchison
  • Mark ‘GuMMie’ Reynolds
  • Andre ‘Mogar’ Rademan
  • Heinrich ’Elf’ van Nieuwenhuizen
  • Jonathan ‘havok’ Kupis
  • Frikkie ‘Frikecia’ le Grange
  • Kyle ‘AtmoSphere’ Kwan
  • Hendrik ‘Hoender’ Bence
  • Mark ‘CHaseza’ Van Lelyveld
  • Kenneth ‘Slade’ Willmore
  • Asghar ’Kazi’ Kazi
  • Heinrich ‘bigH’ Oberholzer
  • Ryan ‘Betelgeuce’ Coghill
  • Avanindra ‘Celebrien’ Singh

The Premier Division for the next leg will be taking the top 16 players, while those who don’t make it will drop down into the First Division for the next leg.

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StarCraft II DGL leg 1 round-up

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