John Romero working on new, PC-centric shooter

John Romero is kind of a big deal. The man basically fathered the FPS, founding Id Software which churned out some franchises you might have heard of: Quake, Wolfenstein and Doom.

Now the PC legend has said he’s soon to start work on a new project.

“Yes, I’m definitely going to be making another shooter and it will be on PC first,” he said.

“I don’t want to talk about the details but I already know what it is. I’ve already kind of designed the thing and it’s pretty cool – though of course, I am going to say that. I think it’s a neat design, I haven’t seen the design anywhere else.”

Romero isn’t saying much, but what he is saying is that the shooter will be a little like an MMO, where as you progress through the game you improve in meaningful ways.

“It’s a persistent game, it has persistent player data, the character grows and gets better over time.

“You will be playing the game as you would expect a shooter to feel, but the specifics of your situation, narrative wrapper and reward system are all unique.“

Romero is currently the CEO of social game studio Loot Drop, Inc., but he’s not confirming whether or not his studio will be producing the game.

It’s been nearly 10 years since Romero made a shooter, but he doesn’t think the craft has changed much.

“I don’t think it’s changed other than that the 3D graphics have to be good and there are a tonne of basics in the design that have to be there for players to feel that it’s a current game.

“But I already have a lot of that stuff designed and none of what I’ve done has become invalid over time based on today’s shooters. So I don’t think there’s an issue with it feeling dated or feeling old. It’s not going to be an old-school shooter – it won’t be pixelated. But it will probably have some faster movement than most games have right now.”

Romero notes he doesn’t much like the evolution of the genre, but the PC veteran blames console gamepads for this.

“I’m not a fan of cover systems or the player being a bullet sponge. I like feeling that I have skill in the game.”

“I do realise that a lot of the movement in new shooters is directly attributable to the console controller because you can’t play well and fast with them so they had to come up with some design to make it so the player can do something else if they can’t skillfully move quickly.


“I love twitch 180s, fast targeting, fast firing, fast movement. So anything that’s not like that… is not interesting to me.”

It’s clear where the developer’s loyalties lie, perhaps we’d be wise not to hold our breath for a console version.

Source: Eurogamer
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John Romero working on new, PC-centric shooter

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