Former Halo 4 creative director unveils Republique

Ryan Payton, former Creative Director on Halo 4 with 343 Industries, has announced his current project, Republique, with new studio Camoflaj.

Payton caused quite a stir last year when he abruptly left 343 and the Halo 4 project, stating that he “wasn’t creatively excited about the project anymore”; but Payton has shown that his creativity hasn’t been hampered as he’s deep in development with Republique.

Republique has been revealed as a stealth/survival horror which is set to be released for iPad and iPhone, with Camoflaj treating the mobile platforms as they would with any triple AAA console.

The game features a female protagonist named Hope, who has to escape from a futuristic society under heavy surveillance, which makes up the gameplay model.

Hope has to sneak through situations, often avoiding any potential threats instead of taking them head-on.

Here’s the catch: players don’t control hope; instead, players will take control of an unnamed spectator who views the world through surveillance cameras. Players will then touch positions in order to direct Hope, or move objects to create a distraction, giving Hope a window to make move.

Pre-rendered visuals and multiple viewpoints will give Republique an old-school Resident Evil feel, but with new gameplay dynamics in which objects and elements within the environment are heavy on interaction.

The concept was initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign, which we’ve seen to becoming more and more prominent as a launching platform in the gaming world.

 Source: IGN

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Former Halo 4 creative director unveils Republique

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