DmC not as “dim-witted as God of War”

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Despite the criticism, Ninja Theory’s re-imagining of the Devil May Cry series is looking to be one of Capcom’s hottest properties this year.

The reboot – simply dubbed DmC – is looking to find the balance between a hardcore hack-‘n-slash, while also providing enough fluidity and access for newcomers to the franchise.

A lot of die-hard Devil May Cry fans are hoping the game bombs as a result of Ninja Theory recreating their iconic character, but after a recent hands-on session, CVG are assuring fans that the game is not one to put down.

After getting some time with the game at Capcom’s Captivate event,  Michael Gapper said: “It’s simpler than Bayonetta, but DMC is never as dim-witted as God of War or Heavenly Sword or even Ninja Gaiden 3,” said the previewer.

“Every combo has a reason to exist and every weapon is useful for a very specific purpose.”

Dante’s symbolic weaponry returns – along with new angel and demon swords, which are activated with the laft and right triggers respectively – and according to Gapper, “it’s by mixing those Angel and Demon weapons you’ll find the depth in the combo system.”

He goes on to conclude that “at worst, DMC is a thoroughly modern callback to the original Devil May Cry, and at best, it’s a gateway drug that might just revive the entire genre. Either way it’s probably time to stop with the death threats and give the Brits a chance; they might actually know what they’re doing.”

The reboot of the DMC series could be exactly what the franchise needs after the underwhelming Devil May Cry 4, so we’re looking forward to it – are you?

Source: CVG

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DmC not as “dim-witted as God of War”

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