Oddworld: Hand of Odd website launched

What is Oddworld: Hand of Odd? According to the official, and officially mysterious, website’s source, it’s a “new project being developed by JAW Ltd and OWI“.

That would, of course, be Just Add Water, current custodians of the Oddworld brand, and Oddworld Inhabitants, creators of the Oddworld brand. Yes, it’s all Oddworlding up in here.

Interestingly, it’s not the first time the name has turned up in Oddworld history. A game called Hand of Odd, described on the Oddworld wiki as an “action-adventure/real time strategy game with gameplay almost identical to the 2009 game, Brütal Legend” was in development for the PS2 back in the early noughties, later rescheduled for the original Xbox, and then indefinitely postponed in 2004.

Same game? Maybe, maybe not. Brütal Legend wasn’t exactly a smash hit.

Last we checked in with Just Add Water, they were working on an HD remixes of previous Oddworld games, Abe’s Oddysee and Munch’s Oddysee, although somebody’s already edited the studio’s Wikipedia page to put Oddworld: Hand of Odd on their project list. Everybody knows once it’s on Wikipedia, it’s real.

Source: G4TV
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Oddworld: Hand of Odd website launched

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