Modern Warfare 3 long-term sales significantly slower than Black Ops

Activision might have enjoyed its biggest opening ever with Modern Warfare 3, it appears its losing steam over time in a way other Call of Duty games haven’t.

Sales of the blockbuster title are currently behind where Black Ops were at the same time last year. The sales figures haven’t been made public, but according to analysts at Macquarie Equities the deficit is around 4.2 percent.

March sales were particularly bad, with sales reportedly under half of what Black Ops sold in the same month last year. Michael Pachter of Webush Securities says that this weak performance could mean software sales are relying more and more on new releases, resulting in consumers not buying games after their debut very much.

PiperJaffray analysts think these numbers could signify a big change in the market – it could mean that the casual players less likely to buy games at launch are buying less games at retail, and shifting their console usage more to video streaming and media consumption.

It should also be noted that Activision may have put themselves in this position by only allowing a one year gap between each release; consumers who missed the launch boat may just decide to wait for the next one.

Source: Gamasutra
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Modern Warfare 3 long-term sales significantly slower than Black Ops

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