God of War IV pre-order at BT Games snafu

The rumours regarding an inevitable reveal of God of War IV have been reaching fever-pitch over the last few weeks.

After Sony promised a big game reveal on Facebook, it looks as if more fuel has been added to the fire with an image that has hit the web, and it’s from our shores.

Taken at the BT Games in Cresta shopping centre in Johannesburg, the picture shows that the local retailer has put up a tentative God of War IV on their shelves for pre-order.

We know the logo itself is not official and has been circulating the internet for quite some time, and the game is labelled “shooter”, which doesn’t really help the credibility of the rumours; but could this simply be an employee slip-up or something more?

We contacted BT Games for further comment, but no further information was forthcoming. The pre-order has now been removed from the shelves, BT Games confirmed.

This isn’t the first time BT Games have prematurely “leaked” information, as God of War IV originally appeared on the official BT Games website as a pre-order before it was pulled down, as well as information regarding the Jak & Daxter Collection before it was officially unveiled.

It remains to be seen what Sony’s announcement will be, and although all things point to a new God of War, it really could be anything. Too many questions, too few answers.

Source: IGN

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God of War IV pre-order at BT Games snafu

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