Crysis 3 to push consoles, with PC leading the way

With the Crysis series continuing to be the benchmark for graphical prowess, it’s no surprise that Crytek intends Crysis 3 to set the bar to beat – the company recently took to twitter to punt their upcoming shooter’s technical strength.

According to the Twitter account of Cevat Yerli, CEO and president of Crytek, Crysis 3 will: “push the 360, PS3 to its limits, ahead of Crysis 2, but Crysis 3 PC will be clearly ahead”.

The CryEngine is known for pushing the envelope in terms of what graphical processors can do, and with CryEngine 3 constantly evolving, it’s expected that it’ll deliver visuals and technical aspects that are unprecedented in the FPS genre.

The tweet is also good news for PC gamers, who threw their toys when Crytek released Crysis 2 without initial Direct X 11 support (which was later patched, and looked gorgeous); but it doesn’t detract from the fact that PC gamers were delivered a watered-down version of the graphical powerhouse they were expecting.

Check out the video below on what the CryEngine 3 is capable of:

Source: Twitter

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Crysis 3 to push consoles, with PC leading the way

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