Prey 2 hasn’t been worked on since November

Sources say that development on Prey 2 hasn’t progressed since last year due to contractual disputes.

A Shacknews source revealed that Human Head’s development team were not happy with ZeniMax (parent company of publisher Bethesda), after the contract between the two companies wasn’t favourable for the developers.

Apparently the team at Human Head deliberately stopped working on the game in November in an attempt for the disagreements to be settled. During the boycott, members of Human Head were laid off by ZeniMax, but the the developers were hopeful throughout negotiations that they would be hired back. However, ZeniMax communication with the studio has stopped altogether.

When contacted for a response, an official at ZeniMax responded that “we aren’t commenting on the game’s development beyond what was said in the statement that was released”.

Bethesda said yesterday that Prey 2 has to “meet our quality standards”, which makes us wonder, how buggy does a game need to be to not gain Bethesda’s approval?

It’s unclear what ZeniMax’s involvement with Prey 2 will be, although a new developer could be a possibility for Bethesda.

The source also said that Human Head’s positive frame of mind could be attributed to the fact that they are also currently working on a new high-profile project.

Whoever is making Prey 2 just better get a move on, because it was looking like one of the more promising games coming out within the next year.

Source: Shacknews

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Prey 2 hasn’t been worked on since November

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