WAGE announces Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta servers

WAGE (Web Africa Gaming Experience) has announced that they now have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) beta servers running on their network.

“We currently have four instances of the CS:GO servers running, totalling 40 player slots,” said Robert Tait, WAGE games master. “These are hosted on two physical server machines. The servers are powered by Xeon and Core i7 processors, with 24GB’s of RAM. Both servers operate within our data-centre in Cape Town.”

“We have the GunGame (Arms Race), Demolition, Casual and competitive game modes selected on these servers. Player slots are limited to 5v5 for now and incorporate a bot system where non-playable characters occupy player slots until players join the game,” said Tait.

“We will be watching for an increase in demand before we roll out any more server instances. Demand will increase when the open beta period starts, and so we will deploy more servers if necessary then. We will be tweaking game modes to match demand,” said Tait.

Speaking about the number of CS: GO players active in South Africa, Tait said: “We are unable to accurately estimate the number of CS:GO beta players out there, considering beta keys are in limited supply, very few gamers actually have access to the beta version of this game. We have already provided fifteen CS:GO keys. When CS:GO undoubtedly enters open beta, we’ll see the number of players sky-rocket as more gamers and avid Counter-Strike fans join us for beta testing the game and server software.”

MyGaming asked what it is like working with Valve to bring game servers to SA gamers, to which Tait responded: “WAGE has maintained a solid relationship with the guys over at Valve over the last two years. We host servers for one of the largest Counter-Strike communities in South Africa; additionally we host two Steam content servers.”

CS: GO is going to launch on Windows PC, Mac OS X, Xbox 360 (via XBLA) and PS3 (via PSN). Originally planned for cross-platform play between PC and Xbox 360, that idea has been shelved due to the technicality of such a system.

The game will remain in closed beta for the foreseeable future, until Valve is ready to open it up to public testing ahead of shipping the game to retail.

Do you need a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC beta key?

If you’re eager to get into the beta test phase but haven’t managed to secure a beta key, then WAGE and MyGaming may be able to help you out.

Head on over to the MyGaming competition forum to enter our CS: GO beta key give-away; courtesy of WAGE, we have 2 PC keys up for grabs.

WAGE / MyGaming CS: GO beta key give-away

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WAGE announces Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta servers

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