MyGaming/iGame CoD 4 Competition

MyGaming in conjunction with iGame is hosting a once off, 20minute long Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare competition.

There is R1000 in cash as well as two MSI G31M3 Motherboards up for grabs.

When: 19 March 2009 20:00

Server IP:

Match details: One 20 minute Free-for-all showdown match will take place on the “Strike” map.

Prize Categories:

Most Kills: Highest kills for the round by a single Player
Cash: R500
MSI G31M3 Motherboard

Most Assists: Highest Assists for the Round by a Single Player
Prize R 300.00 cash

Most Deaths: Highest Deaths for the Round by a Single Player Suicides are NOT allowed.

MSI G31M3 Motherboard

Knife Prize:  A player with the name CASHPRIZE will randomly enter the event.
The FIRST player to knife this player will win an instant prize (The knifing will be verified by the player or an on duty Admin )

R 200.00

Additional Competition Rules:

*No Statpadding or Blatant circumvention of any of the rules of standard Gameplay will be allowed

*This Competition is governed by the Standard Terms and Conditions of Usage for all iGame Servers

*Any matter not stipulated in the STCU will be left to the discretion of the Admin on Duty at the time of the event.
*A set minimum of 30 Posts on the Forums are required to qualify for participation


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MyGaming/iGame CoD 4 Competition