Fable Heroes lead talks Lionhead without Molyneux

Ted Timmins, lead designer of Fable Heroes, has spoken out about Lionhead’s loss of Peter Molyneux, calling him “irreplaceable”. And he means it too – Lionhead’s new structure will be more about a collection of individuals, without a clear leader.

“I’ve worked with Peter for eight years,” Timmins said.

“There’s loads of us that came through that [work experience] program, and we’ve all learnt from people like Peter. Lionhead – yeah, I’m sure it’ll be a bit of a different place without Peter around. But there’s so many people that have learnt from Peter over the years that ultimately – all Lionhead has ever wanted to do was create great experiences. That won’t change, that’s still going to stay the same. And we all wish Peter the best of luck with his new place.

“I’m currently playing Draw Something with him at the moment, so we’re all going to stay in touch. So it will be different, but we’re still going to make great things, I’m sure.

“The new Lionhead is going to be more about lots of individuals.”

“The new Lionhead,” he went on, “is going to be more about lots of individuals, lots of creativity, lots of innovation from various different opinions. Peter is irreplaceable. He’s inaugurated at BAFTA, he’s a total legend in video games. There’s no one who can fill those shoes. The new Lionhead is going to be able lots of people working together and creating great things.”

Source: Eurogamer

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Fable Heroes lead talks Lionhead without Molyneux

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