God of War: Ascension details and media coming our way

While not much is known about God of War: Ascension, Sony promise to provide some clarity to Kratos’ upcoming PS3 adventure.

The publisher addressed fans via the Playstation Blog, stating that game director Todd Papy promises to dish out the details of the prequel GoW game.

“As most of you were recently made aware, God of War: Ascension will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 3,” he wrote.

“Be sure to tune in to PlayStation.Blog and God of War: Ascension on Facebook on Monday, April 30th at 8am Pacific Time for a live streaming event that will give you a glimpse of what’s in store for God of War: Ascension.

“I’ll also be answering your questions about the game, so follow @PlayStation on Twitter and Tweet us your best questions by 3pm Pacific Time this Friday – be sure to include #godofwarascension in your Tweet”.

MyGaming speculated about what the future may hold for Kratos and the God of War series in Ascension.

8am Pacific Time makes it around 7pm local time. Head over to the Playstation EU Blog to check out the stream this evening.

Source: Twitter

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God of War: Ascension details and media coming our way

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