Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 officially revealed

The worst kept secret of the year has finally been thrust into the limelight. Black Ops 2 has officially been revealed and Activision have dished out on their new approach into the Call of Duty series.

Despite the original Black Ops taking place throughout multiple periods of time through flashbacks, Black Ops 2 is heading to the future – 2025 to be exact.

A new territory for the franchise, the futuristic setting will bring new hi-tech equipment and weaponry into the mix. Weapons won’t necessarily be laser guns, but the more familiar rocket launchers and assault rifles – and will feature special abilities such as punching through cover and multi-bullet shots.

The name isn’t just a numerical advancement; the story itself is a direct sequel to Black Ops. Black Ops 2 will then continue the story of Alex Mason, who was the protagonist recalling the events which played out in the original Black Ops.

Players will jump back into the boots of Mason, playing through some missions set in the 80s, and then jump into the eyes of David Mason (presumably Alex’s son) in the futuristic portion of the game.

The campaign will not follow a traditional down-the-line Call of Duty story, as Treyarch are introducing an element of choice. At pivotal points in the game, players will have to make decisions which can effect the storyline, taking players into different routes.

A mode known as ‘Strike Force’ has also been added, which throws players into large sandbox-type scenarios, in which they have to complete objectives by utilising drones and cameras, which adds a RTS twist to the gameplay.

The best part? Zombies are making a return. There will be a number of game modes involving zombies, and the new engine is promising to deliver double the amount of flesh-eating cannon-fodder compared to the original Black Ops.

In terms of multiplayer, the online portion will take place exclusively in 2025, although not much else is known about the MP component at present.

Black Ops 2 is set to arrive in the traditional Call of Duty timeslot later this year, with more details to be revealed at E3.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 officially revealed

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