PS Vita confirmed to receive PS1 support

The PS Vita’s lack of backwards compatibility left gamers a little stumped when it released earlier this year, as even its predecessor, the PSP, featured the ability to play original Playstation games.

Sony seem to have taken all the feedback and finally given in to the fans demands, as an original PSOne game, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, appeared on the European Playstation Vita Store.

A NeoGAF user reportedly bought the game and tried to run it, but to no avail – a system error appeared.

After the discovery, the community contacted Sony Computer Entertainment.

The company’s head Shunhei Yoshida responded in a tweet saying: “Our engineers are working hard on it. Pls be patient.”

While it’s a bit strange that a PSOne game appeared on the PS Vita store before the functionality was even working is strange, it’s safe to assume that the feature will be added shortly.

So if you’re waiting for the next big thing to hit your PS Vita, it looks as if you’re going to get a whole bunch of old-school favourites to fill the gap.

Source: GamingBlend

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PS Vita confirmed to receive PS1 support

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