David Jaffe may be making a shooter next

Director of God of War and more recently Twisted Metal David Jaffe has a lot of ideas for his next video game – and one of them is a shooter. Jaffe feels there’s a need for innovation in the genre, where things have become “stale”.

“I love the genre, but I feel it has been allowed to go a little — well, actually, quite a lot — stale when it comes to moment to moment mechanics,” he said. “I’m hoping to see that iterated on in the future.”

While Jaffe has said that he’s thought about doing a shooter, he’s not yet ready to talk about his ideas or what exactly he would do differently to innovate in the genre that he feels has become repetitive.

While supporting Twisted Metal for the last three months, Jaffe has had time to think about what he wants to do next. According to him, he started with a whiteboard of 30 ideas and has narrowed it down to two.

“There is a gun in [one of the games],” Jaffe said. “And you hold it. And all the things that I can sit here and passionately discuss and preach to you are absolutely things that I’m thinking about doing if it turns out the game we’re thinking about doing gets made next involves a gun and a person holding a gun.”

Jaffe still has to finalise a team and publishers before settling on a final idea, so we’ll have to wait and see if we’re getting a Jaffe shooter after all, or the other thing on the whiteboard, whatever that may be.

Source: IGN

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David Jaffe may be making a shooter next

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