Zaps announces Diablo III midnight launch party

Diablo III dungeon party by Kunkka

Johannesburg gaming retailer, Zaps has announced they are hosting a Diablo III launch party at their store located in the Brightwater Commons in Randburg.

The party kicks off at 18.00 on Monday, 14 May 2012, and carries through to midnight when Diablo III launches, and gamers can then head home to plan their excuses for skiving off school/work/their wedding/curing cancer/bringing about world peace.

So sayeth Zaps: “Join us as we count down the final 6 hours until the release of one of the most anticipated games EVER! The Brightwater Commons will be transformed into a battle field with slain warriors, with all manner of weapons protruding from them, and full contact sword fighting to make the God of Battle grin!”

There will also be a roast, prize-giving and plenty of thematic decoration to get gamers in the mood for slaying Evil one more time.

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Zaps announces Diablo III midnight launch party

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