Fez village recreated in Minecraft

In news that was totally inevitable when you think about it, some guy has recreated in Minecraft the starting village location from Fez.

The project uses a custom Fez texture pack, and although creator inthelittlewood admits the model isn’t “pixel-perfect”, it sure looks close enough not to matter. I’m guessing nothing special happens if you rotate the camera right, right, left, right, right, left, left, left, but you might feel a bit sick.

“I initially recreated one of the games levels in a flat 2D face (also available in the world save) after I saw how much the texture pack really captures the spirit of the original game and then decided to make the other 3 sides,” writes inthelittlewood on the project page at Planet Minecraft.

“Then I couldn’t stop!”
You can download the texture and shader packs, as well as the village itself at the link below.
Source: Fez Village Build at Planet Minecraft (via Kotaku)

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Fez village recreated in Minecraft

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