Indie shooter Kickstarter reward promises limited Dreamcast edition

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Indie studio KTX software is looking for Kickstarter backing for its up and coming shooter Redux: Dark Matters.

As is customary, people who pledge a certain amount will receive a reward for their charity – but KTX is doing something a little different from the norm. Instead of getting a signed poster or a free copy of the game or something boring like that, KTX is producing a limited 1000 copies of the game for Dreamcast to be given to higher pledgers.

The Kickstarter hopes to raise funds for dev kits for PSN and XBLA versions of the game, as currently its only due to be release on iOS.

Those who pledge more than $65 will receive the Dreamcast version, but they’re disappearing fast. Given their rarity, even non-Dreamcast owners may expect them to hold some value in the future.

Redux isn’t re-inventing the wheel with their gameplay, featuring the kind of insane arcade side-to-side wall of bullets we’ve seen before.

The iOS version released in July, with the Dreamcast versions expected in December. If KTX can manage to reach their $25,000 goal, it’ll also be out on PC, PSN and XBLA later this year.

Source: Eurogamer

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Indie shooter Kickstarter reward promises limited Dreamcast edition

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