Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s new Ghost – Coco

No, this is not a belated April Fools joke.

Ice-T (known for his hip-hop/rock exploits with Bodycount) had a hand in the voice work and build up to the release of Gear of War 3, and now it seems that some marital jealousy has kicked in, sparking his wife Coco (not known for much) to also jump on the video game bandwagon.

Coco is now the newest member of the Ghosts – a group of “celebrities” assigned to endorse Ubisoft’s upcoming entry into the Ghost Recon series.

The latest trailer shows off Coco shooting guns, trash-talking, playing Kinect and generally just being silly.

Check out the video below:

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  • Tarryn van der Byl

    And in today’s news, the gaming industry continues to remind gamers that women are just things to be looked at and fucked.

  • Someone get the SPCA up in here, this is surely an inappropriate use of livestock.

  • Saint_Dee

    It’s actually saddening when some women perpetuate this opinion in things they do, as shown in this example (Coco). Gaming (and every other industry that may portray women in a similar light) really does need to grow up in this regard. I think there are a few strides being taken though (may or may not be major) but it’s worth noting

  • D-Gray

    The worst “celebrity” chosen to endorse a possibly very good upcoming game imo.

  • Pretty Darn awesome i must say!

  • So there are some women who don’t mind doing derogatory things for money, that doesn’t mean that all men think women will do derogatory things for money.

    Some women have self respect, others don’t.

    And Coco isn’t nice to look at at all, she looks like a bulldog.

  • Pew

    FML. I have to agree. America really has a seriously messed up culture…

    This is an horrid choice of a Team Ghost, henceforth known among man as TG, member but this Coco person really is an oddball (opinion based on 5 minutes of having seen that TV show monstrosity on DSTV) and the trailer portrays her as she is. How is the gaming industry doing anything wrong? Look at the other TG members, they’re just letting in whatever celebrity wants to cash in on the venture.

    Guys in games are more often than not portrayed as muscular and hunky and awesome and the other generally manly qualities women seek in men – which the greater bulk of actual male gamers is nothing at all like. Likewise women in games are normally attractive, awesome, etc. Going over kill like anime does with ecchi content and that I agree is totally unacceptable and freaking annoying but for the most part there is nothing wrong. Otherwise pretty much every gaming character will be average looking and average in every way and be ultra confusing when they pull off awesome skills and combos, etc.

    The only bad thing about this… is Coco. Seriously.

  • Meh

    Regarding “coco” these are the only words I can use to describe her:
    That chick is just thick

  • Kromaswow

    They should learn from blizzard celeb trailers cause this just sucked.

  • I just threw up a little in my mouth. The fuq is she wearing?

  • Marius du Plessis

    lol, that was my first thought too.

  • Marius du Plessis

    Most mentally mature gamers will go, wtf?
    Most non-gamers will go, typical gamers…

    Just something to point at gamers and us look like retarded violent sex maniacs. Stupid developers.

    Makes me think of this one episode from Medical Detectives in which a deranged guy kills a mom and her baby, detective blames it on the guys’ liking of D&D games.

  • Bradlegaldla

    Hey she gets bored watching Ice T play gears all day. Glad she found a TPS

  • TehBrad

    Tranq it and drag it back into the woods.

  • Some guys don’t think women are objects. Now pardon me while I treat this woman like an object

  • Marius du Plessis


  • I love my GRAW to bits, but seriously WTF??

  • BrendanMcCT

    If those shorts climbed any higher it would have to be considered a Beanie

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s new Ghost – Coco

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