Minecraft Xbox Edition sells 1 million in five days

What sells more than 1 million copies, clocks 5.2 million total online hours spent mining, 4 million total multiplayer sessions, and over 2.4 million multiplayer gaming hours played in just five days?

Okay, I suppose I gave the answer away in the headline already, but for those of you who just randomly clicked through to this page without reading, it’s… Minecraft!

*square blocks of confetti here*

They didn’t say how many pigs have been saddled up and dropped off cliffs for 40 Gamerscore, but I’d imagine it’s probably quite a lot. A moment of silence for those poor porkers.

“Uhhhh, Microsoft just sent out a press release saying Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has sold a million copies in five days,” said Markus “Notch” Persson on Twitter. “Wow.”

He’s just being polite, though. I’m sure another $20 million on top of all the other millions isn’t really such a big deal anymore.

“Oh,” I imagine Notch might have added. “Put it in a hole in the garden or something. I’ll figure out what to do with it later.”

Source: Play XBLA

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Minecraft Xbox Edition sells 1 million in five days

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