Amazing Spider-man shows off Web Rush in new trailer

Movie-games adaptations are most often a complete gamble, with the quality of big-screen tie-ins ranging from decent to abysmal.

The Amazing Spider-man is looking to inject some hope into the movie-to-game adaptation scene by delivering a Spidey game that lives up to the respected Spider-man name.

A new feature that’s being highlighted within the game is Web Rush. The ability allows players to slow-down time, and plot certain points or objects on the map in order to make traversal a breeze, and look good in the process.

Spidey will then acrobatically move from spot-to-spot in a swooping and cinematic fashion.

Web Rush can also be used in combat, in order to strategically plan out which enemies to take down, and doing so quickly and stylishly.

Although recent games, such as Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time, have had a linear approach to the wall-crawler’s adventures, The Amazing Spider-man will return to the wide open-world sandbox of New York city, giving players full advantage of swinging through the city as they please.

Check out the new trailer below:

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Amazing Spider-man shows off Web Rush in new trailer

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