Castlevania announcement teased by Konami

It appears that some of those rumours regarding the announcement of new Castlevania games may be holding true.

Konami have generously, but selfishly, teased something on their Facebook page.

The official fan page features a large, extremely gothic looking castle, full moon and everything that would be deemed very Castlevania-ish.

The image also features the date 31.05.12, which is next Thursday and the date of Konami’s pre-E3 press conference, hinting that the reveal may come prior to E3 with a full showing at the actual event.

The Facebook page is also pushing people to a teaser site with the URL ‘’, which for fans of the lore, will know that Dracula loosely translates to ‘the dragon’.

Source code in the teaser site may of also let the cat out of the bag early, as the words ‘CLOS Teaser Page’ appears, assuming it is in reference to a Castlvania: Lords of Shadow sequel.

Another rumoured Castlevania game, Mirrors of Fate, is reportedly in development for 3DS.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next Thursday.

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Castlevania announcement teased by Konami

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