Sony patents in-game advertising that pauses your game

Everybody hates advertising, unless it’s a Nando’s ad. But for most people, the banners that pop up in their free games, free programs, free videos and on every website they visit are a pain. But Sony’s recent patent may point to an even more annoying future.

Sony Computer Entertainment America has filed a patent for in-game ads that will actually pause in the middle of play.

Dreamt up in the dark, twisted mind of Gary Zalewski, the system works by suspending the “playing of the interactive content”, showing you how Sunlight is stronger than grease, and then resuming your game again. But hey it’s not all bad, you’ll get a warning your game is about to stop. The patent is officially described as follows:

“A method for use in advertising includes initiating playing of interactive content, suspending playing go the interactive content, displaying an advertisement, and resuming playing of the interactive content.”

It does note however that the ad should be initiated by a server, so that in a multiplayer environment one player would not be disadvantaged. So it doesn’t really matter if you on low health and about to heal when you start learning about “The Axe Effect”, because everyone got the deodorant education.

It’s probably safe to assume that this would form part of free-to-play style games, as putting this kind of horror into a game one had already paid for would cause the internet to implode from the sheer amount of simultaneous petitions started.

Source: Gamesindustry

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  • BotanicusPopulus

    Seriously, don’t in-app purchases provide sufficient income? .-. I see a lot of butt hurt on Sony’s behalf if they stuff this up or even consider bringing it to light >.>

  • Crysis: 3


  • Ebrahim Allie

    While in game advertising may be annoying, what’s even more annoying is that an idea like this is even patentable. So you want to play an ad in the middle of the game. Great! But what about the game? I can’t possibly imagine that anyone would not find it an obvious idea that the game or video would have to be paused. It’s not as if t.v. programmes carry on going in the background while we watch ads during commercial breaks. It’s also not as if pausing an application or thread while the application allows something else to happen ins’t a built in ability in most programming languages. Why are such overly obvious patents allowed.

  • will_rkr

    They’ve got to be kidding!, ads during gameplay on my PS3! that would be ridiculous.
    I just hope its one of those patents that never seem to see the light of day

  • ArchieChoke

    Great so i can expect to play leisure suit larry then have to pause for a Durex advert…Hmmm.

  • Pannekoek

    This is really bad news lol, ads in games is something else, i would never have expected it, its pushing it too far.

Sony patents in-game advertising that pauses your game

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