Tomb Raider teaser puts Lara to the test

The upcoming reboot for the Tomb Raider series is looking to bring a more gritty, realistic and intense experience to the series, with Lara Craft enduring physical and mental pain through a new look at the famous treasure-hunter’s origin story.

Although the game was recently delayed due to more emphasis being put into the development schedule, Square Enix have promised to show-off some more of Lara’s reincarnated adventure at E3 in a couple weeks.

We’ve been given a sneak-peek at some of the action that the publisher may be showing at their presentation, with Lara looking a little worse for wear and taking on the challenges that the elements have to offer.

Tomb Raider has now fallen into the Q1 2013 release period.

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Tomb Raider teaser puts Lara to the test

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