Witcher dev announces new Cyberpunk RPG

CD Projekt Red has announced its next big thing, an RPG based on the 1980s’ pen-and-paperer, Cyberpunk 2020. Original creator Mike Pondsmith is also working with the team.

Speaking about the game during the company’s annual summer conference last night, CD Projekt Red boss Marcin Iwinski described it as a “dream come true” and a “mature RPG for mature audiences”. So you know there’s probably nudity.

The game also apparently features “realistic and brutal” action, with a “richly detailed, non-linear, and with a complex and gripping story” in a sci-fi setting.

Like most cyberpunk games, Cyberpunk 2020 was based on the works of William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, and set in a fictional Night City between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It’s not yet clear how much of the source material will be reflected in CD Projekt’s game, but if it’s anything like Blade Runner, I’m in.

No launch dates or platforms have been confirmed.

Original Cyberpunk 2020 cover picure

Source: Destructoid, Gamespot

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  • Shamrock

    The thing in the background at the top looks like Alexander who always shows up in Final Fantasy games.

  • RobbieH76


  • Marius du Plessis

    “I’m in the mood for something different.” <– Exactly! Thats why I'm also itching to get hold of Bethesda's "Dishonored"

  • TehBrad

    I was going to mention that game as well. It is exactly the type of game I enjoy but with a cyberpunk twist.

    I thought that when Guild Wars 2 comes out that would be the end… but there are quite a few awesome games scheduled that I cannot miss. I’ll be getting Dishonoured and I’ve also just pre-ordered Assassin’s Creed 3.

Witcher dev announces new Cyberpunk RPG

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