People Can Fly to work on next Gears of War

People Can Fly, the people behind insane shooter Bulletstorm, have been confirmed to be working on the Gears of War project in partnership with Epic. The game will be called Gears of War: Judgement, and is set to get a lot of attention at E3, where it will be officially announced. Epic is keeping pretty tight-lipped about the project until then, but we’ll be getting more details soon enough.

Epic president Mike Capps said over Twitter (regarding Gears of War): “Do I detect People Can Fly involvement? YES YES YES!”

Right now it is unknown how much of the development People Can Fly is handling, but that should be made clear at the E3 announcement. Rumours from last year indicated the studio was helping develop a prequel to the trilogy.

All we know for now is that they’re involved, and given the unique style of People Can Fly, it can only mean good things for the franchise.

Source: GamesIndustry

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  • MrMeneer

    Please People Can Fly, learn from Bulletstorm… Deliver a fulfilling and more lengthy story!!!
    I don’t think that we’ll have the same problem with multiplayer though, Gears prides itself on that… Hell, if they slapped on the Gears 3 multiplayer with new maps and gave it to us, I’d still buy it (Oo,)

    I think that Epic should do the MP and People Can Fly should handle the SP

  • Tarka_za

    Reading the title I thought I would be able to fly to work on the next gears of war. Disappoint.

People Can Fly to work on next Gears of War

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