Gears of War: Judgment campaign details

GameInformer recently unveiled their July cover image, which happened to be a new Gears of War game. We now know that the game is called Gears of War: Judgement and is being developed by Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly, but we’ve now got some new details regarding the return of our chainsawing heroes.

The mysterious cover image showing a man in handcuffs, turned out to be either Baird or Cole on respective covers, crushing the speculation that it was series main protagonist Marcus Fenix.

This revelation shows that Fenix wasn’t the only one to spend some time in shackles, as the campaign is set 15 years before the first Gears of War, where Cole and Baird’s Kilo Squad (which also features Garron Paduk and Sophia Hendricks) are on trial for deserting their duties and theft of military tech. The game will be set around Halvo Bay, which is heavily inspired by San Francisco and base of the Onyx Guard Academy.

Being a prequel, the game will obviously chronicle the events of E-Day breaking out, where the Locust first attacked Sera, and while the game will revolve around the Squad disobeying orders and the impending trial, don’t expect to spend much time in the courtroom, as the new game is described as a non-stop action romp.

The game will play out through flashbacks, assuming that we get more insight into the ‘deserting’ and war-crimes as we play through moments from the past and those said events, getting a better understanding of why the group may have neglected their duty. The backdrop will then be the testimony that the Squad has to give in their defense.

Baird became a front-runner for a primary character after a survey put out by Epic showed that the loud-mouthed engineer was one of the series’ favourite characters.

The future of Gears is looking promising, with a fresh new take on the already-loved fiction, as well as People Can Fly casting a new developmental eye on the franchise.

Expect to see and hear some more about Gears of War: Judgement at E3, and keep an eye on MyGaming’s E3 coverage as it unfolds.

Source: Epic Games forum

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Gears of War: Judgment campaign details

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