Microsoft’s SmartGlass links tablets to consoles

At Microsoft’s E3 2012 press conference, the gaming giant announced a new SmartGlass initiative, strangely similar to that of the Wii U’s capabilities – hmmm…

The technology allows users to sync their entertainment viewing across multiple devices. SmartGlass will work across Windows 8 devices, as well as “other platforms” which MS wasn’t clear about.

Users use devices as a second screen with their Xbox 360. Control and interaction with TV shows, movies, music and games comes through flicks, gestures, and pinch and zoom. Users can start watching on one of their devices and flick it to their TV to keep watching on the big screen.

Xbox SmartGlass supposedly “helps you easily discover more things to do by showing new activities related to what you’re already watching or playing on TV”.

Game developers will also implement Smart Glass in their games, with Halo 4 said to use the functionality.

Xbox SmartGlass is available with select Xbox LIVE content and requires Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and compatible devices. Available features may vary by device.

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Check out the full Xbox 360 SmartGlass presentation from the Microsoft conference at E3 2012:

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Microsoft’s SmartGlass links tablets to consoles

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