Battlefield 3 Premium is official, price and details finalised

During EA’s official E3 2012 pre-show presentation, DICE has made an official announcement regarding Battlefield 3 Premium. So now that it’s official, here’s the official details. Official.

Battlefield 3 Premium includes five digital expansion packs: Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill, End Game, and Aftermath. Together these introduce 20 new maps and weapons, four game modes, new soldier and weapon camos, and the ubiquitous “much more.”

Battlefield 3 Premium buyers receive all five digital expansion packs for $49.99, a $25 saving over purchasing each expansion pack separately, and they will get two weeks of early access to the expansion packs, starting right now with Battlefield 3: Close Quarters on the PlayStation 3. Regular Battlefield 3 PS3 players can purchase Close Quarters on 19 June.

For PC and Xbox 360 players, Premium buyers will have access to Close Quarters on 12 June, and regular buyers on 26 June.

Battlefield 3 regular

Those who buy all of the expansions separately will get a total of the following content:

  • 20 Maps
  • 20 New Weapons
  • 10+ New Vehicles
  • 4+ New Game Modes
  • 30+ Assignments
  • 20+ Dog Tags

DICE made it clear that all existing Battlelog features remain free:

  • Live stats tracker
  • Ability to form and customize Platoons
  • Browse leaderboards
  • Access to the Com Center and Battle Feed

Battlefield 3 Premium

Battlefield 3 Premium users get the following features:

  • Two weeks of early access to expansions:
    • Back To Karkand – Four of the most beloved Battlefield 2 maps all fully re-imagined utilizing the power of the Frostbite 2 engine. Available now.
    • Close Quarters – Intense, infantry-only theatre of war. Available today.
    • Armored Kill – All-out vehicle warfare coming September 2012.
    • Aftermath – Coming December 2012.
    • End Game – Coming March 2013.
  • Battlelog with BF3 Premium:
    • Stats reset feature
    • Save up to five of your favorite Battle Reports
    • Increased Platoon Emblem layers
    • 10+ unique Platoon emblem decals
  • Exclusive Content:
    • Unique in-game knife
    • Unique in-game dog tags
    • 10+ unique soldier camos
    • Unique weapon camos
    • 5+ unique Assignments
    • Exclusive Double XP events
    • Exclusive videos
    • Strategy guides
    • Server queue priority

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Check out the Close Quarters DLC screenshots below.

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Battlefield 3 Premium is official, price and details finalised

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