Watch Dogs: Ubisoft’s E3 surprise

Ubisoft’s press conference proved very impressive with a showing of Assassin’s Creed III that exceeded the high expectations of the series; but it was Ubisoft’s new IP, Watch Dogs, that managed to steal the show.

The dark third-person shooter gave gamers a frightening glimpse of the near future, jumping into the shoes of a protagonist named Aiden Pearce. The demo showed off how Pearce uses high-tech gadgetary and traditional weapons to hack and fight his way through some tricky circumstances.

The element of hacking and using technology to your advantage and against your enemies is key in Watch Dogs, and the game demo was a technical achievement for Ubisoft, getting a strong reaction from the crowd.

Watch Dog currently has no release date, although given the reaction from critics, Ubisoft should delve into some more details about their unveiled IP soon.

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Check out Watch Dog in action below:

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Watch Dogs: Ubisoft’s E3 surprise

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