Tony Hawk / Guitar Hero developer working on a… Call of Duty game

Neversoft, the studio behind the Tony Hawk games as well as a bunch of Guitar Hero spin-offs, has announced it’s now working on a Call of Duty game. What? I bet it has totally radical Jihadists in it. Get it? “Radical”! Man, they don’t pay me enough to come up with this stuff.

“We have molded our team into a crack squad of eager developers ready to push the First Person Action genre in support of Activision’s Call of Duty franchise,” reads the updated company blurb on its official website. The studio has not released anything since Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock in 2010.

For the moment, it’s not clear whether Neversoft is collaborating with other Call of Duty brand commanders Treyarch, Sledgehammer Games, or Infinity Ward on an existing title, or doing something else entirely. Earlier this year, however, industry spy network Superannuation reported that the studio was busy with a “Call of Duty in space”.

Guitar Hawk: Galactic Ops? You read it here first, people.

Source: CVG

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Tony Hawk / Guitar Hero developer working on a… Call of Duty game

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